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Harsh Prakash



Clicking a Photograph has given man the Power literally to Capture Time. 

Hello Peeps, Harsh Prakash here from Mumbai. Professional Photographer by profession and heart. I did my Diploma in Fashion Photography from National Institute of Photography, Dadar, India. Into Photography for 7 years now.

Fashion Photography is my passion. I also use my camera to cover social events, product photography and for making personal portfolio. Recently, I was a team member at AltBalaji Production for their just released web series MUM-BHAI as behind the Scenes still photographer.

I just love the expression and emotions I get to see when people see themselves in the photo, the ability to freeze time with a single click are the things that keeps my passion for photography burning. I love to photograph people. May be someday Its you who I might Photograph.. That exactly is the fuel that really keeps me going.

P.S. I Love Hats

Harsh Prakash dp.png
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